The ******** Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Festive Beats And Stuff !

11.30pm until 6.00am !

Nice Safe Central London Venue:

Right, got your passport ready?

Had a really stupid haircut?

Your pants are suitably visible over your ridiculously low slung jeans?

Rehearsed your 'I used to work in new media but I'm a freelance model - electronica DJ - fashion designer' patter?


You're probably as ready as you'll ever be to go clubbing in that trendier than thou meccah of uber-cool, ******!

Indoors this time (as opposed to the outdoor life of the Hedgeparty Massive!), it's a special (short-notice!) blend of the VIP and the OTT, with your sherry-merry hosts playing a turkeylicious mix of techno, electro, a bit of subtle jazzy drum and bass, and maybe the odd freaky old-skool treat.

There are two bars and three distinct lounges, in which at least one might permit you to hold a conversation without shouting.
There is also a cute little attic chill-out area, where you can, erm, go and have a quiet cigarette or a snog... or something.
We don't know what you lot get up to and quite frankly we don't care.
(Well we do, but only in a pervy kind of way).

It's a mere £6 quid to get in (Xmas saver price - cor blimey guv'nor I'm robbin' meself blind!) but as you should know by now, if you're on this list it was never about the money.

Six quid gets you well in there, all night, all-right.

Security are as sweet as a nut (normal rules of sensible discretion apply) and hopefully if all goes well, then this could be a monthly showcase for a multitude of talent that comes to rock every time we do one of these events.
2004 could be the start of something - especially with the whole video art/DJ/VJ/bedroom studio massive.
Let's respect the very nice people who let us in to their beautiful club and not set fire to anything !! *fingers crossed*

Seriously, it would be good to see y'all and swap stories of how you found your way out of the Hedge!

A merry Christmas to one and all, and if you can't make it - then hopefully you're doing something much much better that night!

This will be a warm-up gig to anticipate the forthcoming night we will be involved in somewhere to celebrate the busy life of the late and great, and sadly missed - Mick Jones - who was the solid and trusted Old Skool DJ and lorry driver for all the Hedgeparty nights this summer, shipping all that gear out into the middle of nowhere, and shipping it all back home again whilst we were talking utter babbage in our sleep.
Without Mick, the Hedgeparties would have been crap, basically.
He died tragically earlier this year and this is hopefully precisely what he would have wanted, just to keep on kicking it.
We loved him and he loved it.

From the Urbanites Crew.